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AskAnna is a platform that helps you to kickstart your next Data Science project. In AskAnna, you can track, trace and compare your runs. You can start projects using templates. And we have a set of tools that will allow you to run your jobs in the cloud, including MLOps solutions.

Why did we build AskAnna? As Data Scientists, we understand how time-consuming getting your work in production is. Creating your model, bringing it to work, and briefing the software engineers. But no more! We are committed to making the best Data Science tools to improve your efficiency, collaboration, and speed. Let’s bring back the focus on the things you love doing!

In AskAnna, you can organize your projects in workspace. We will explain how you can use AskAnna to manage jobs and check the runs.

You can work with AskAnna using our web platform. Also, we provided an AskAnna CLI and API endpoints. In the examples, we always will share the different options you can interact with the AskAnna platform.

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We work hard to improve Askanna. We cannot do this without your input. You can mention bugs, ideas, improvements... and also what you like. Please send us an email.

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