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AskAnna CLI

The lateste version of the AskAnna CLI is publised on PyPi:

PyPi AskAnna


When working on a local project, we advice you to use a virtual environment and install the AskAnna package in this environment:

You can install the latest version of AskAnna via:

pip install askanna

Log in

When you installed the CLI, it's time to login. You can log in using your account's email address and password.

askanna login


When you login we create a local configuration file .askanna.yml. You can find this file in your local home directory. From this file you can copy the AskAnna token. You can use this token to authenticate the API, or for example to setup a integration with GitLab or GitHub.

Log out

You can log out. With this action, we remove the token from the .askanna.yml configuration file.

askanna logout


If you want to upgrade to the latest version of AskAnna you can run:

pip install askanna --upgrade


In the CLI the following commands are available for askanna:

Command Description
artifact Download run artifacts
create Create a project in a new directory
init Create a project in the current directory
job Manage job in AskAnna
login Login and save your AskAnna API key in a local file (~/.askanna.yml)
logout Remove saved AskAnna API key
project Manage project in AskAnna
push Push code to AskAnna
result Download run result
run Run a job on AskAnna
variable Manage variables in AskAnna
workspace Manage workspace in AskAnna

If there is more documentation about how to use a command, the command has a link to that section of the documentation. Also, you can run askanna --help or askanna COMMAND --help to read instructions about the commands and options that are available.