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AskAnna CLI

The lateste version of the AskAnna CLI is publised on PyPi:

PyPi AskAnna


When working on a local project, we advice you to use a virtual environment and install the AskAnna package in this environment:

You can install the latest version of AskAnna via:

pip install askanna


If you want to upgrade to the latest version of AskAnna you can run:

pip install askanna --upgrade


In the CLI the following commands are available for askanna:

Command Description
artifact Store and download run artifacts
create Create a project in a new directory
init Create a project in the current directory
run Run a job on AskAnna
login Login and save your AskAnna API key in a local file (~/.askanna.yml)
logout Forget saved AskAnna API key
push Push code to AskAnna
variable Manage variables in AskAnna

If there is more documentation about how to use a command, the command has a link to that section of the documentation. Also, you can run askanna --help or askanna COMMAND --help to read instructions about the commands and options that are available.