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Python SDK

The lateste version of the AskAnna SDK is publised on PyPi:

PyPi AskAnna


When working on a local project, we advice you to use a virtual environment and install the AskAnna package in this environment:

You can install the latest version of AskAnna via:

pip install askanna


If you want to upgrade to the latest version of AskAnna you can run:

pip install askanna --upgrade


To be able to interact with the AskAnna platform, you first need to login. After installing the AskAnna package, you can login via the command line:

askanna login

Or in your Python code:

from askanna.gateways.auth import AuthGateway

auth = AuthGateway()
auth.login(email="{EMAIL}", password="{PASSWORD}")


In AskAnna the following modules are available: