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Release notes

At AskAnna we release new features, changes and fixes once they are ready to deploy. On the Beta of AskAnna we always run the latest approved code, also if it does not have an official version number yet. From time to time we create a new version. In the release notes you will find AskAnna versions and everything we release to Beta that is not part of an official version. These non-version releases will be listed here with the date of deployment to Beta.

In these release notes we give updates about the AskAnna platform. Besides the platform, we also have the AskAnna Python project that contains the AskAnna CLI and Python SDK. Release notes for this project are available in the AskAnna Python changelog published on

Coming soon

We are working on extending the AskAnna CLI with an option to run and track your local runs. If you have ideas for tracking code, data and experiments, please send us an email!


14 January 2022


  • Upgrade of editor with:
    • support for links
    • fullscreen mode
    • description fields now have more space
    • improvements to get out of a code block and continue with normal text
    • a fix where empty lines got removed
    • another fix where we added a new line after leaving a code block using the ESC key
  • Copy buttons for run result and environment image name


  • Status colors are aligned between notifications emails & frontend
  • When a run status is queued or pending, we don't show a duration of 0 anymore, but we inform you that the run is Not started.
  • Look-and-feel for code package instructions is aligned

7 January 2022


  • Added support for copy image on code and artifact view
  • Added decoder for breadcrumbs title, so we don't show spaces as %20
  • Backend now returns a JSON with detail about invalid token
  • Added invite.remove permission


  • Instead of calculating the duration in the frontend, we always use the duration provided by the backend
  • Changed text for non-existing file or directory on code view


  • Fixed loading run logs that are longer than 200 lines