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Release notes 2020

June 2020

With this release we made it possible for a user to run jobs in AskAnna, without the support of the AskAnna team. We introduced the following:

  • Workspace
  • Mail system
  • Project variables
  • Code history with an optional description
  • Link code version to run
  • Use SUUID (short-uuid) for external communication i.s.o longer UUID
  • Run objects:
    • Payload (JSON input for a run)
    • Result
    • Artifact
    • Run status
    • Run log

With this release it is possible to:

  • Add JSON payload as input for a run
  • Run a job and use the web interface to view the information about the run
  • Save & retrieve a result of a run
  • Save & retrieve the artifact of a run
  • Request a new password

Also we made improvements regarding security and how we run jobs in AskAnna.

March 2020

In the first version we released the base for AskAnna. We built the core of AskAnna and introduced the following concepts:

  • AskAnna API
  • AskAnna Web interface
  • AskAnna CLI
  • Project
  • Code package
  • Job
  • Run a job

With this release it is possible to:

  • Push code via the CLI
  • Configure jobs in askanna.yml
  • Start a run via the API