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Run page

On the run page we list all information related to the run. Here you can find the meta information of the run, the input, results, metrics, artifact, variables, code and logs. An example of the run page:

Run page

When you open the run page, you will see:

  • Title with name (if set) or SUUID of the run
  • Navigation bar with tabs

In the navigation bar you find the next tabs:

Tab Description
Overview Meta information of the run
Input The input used for the run
Result The result for the run
Metrics The metrics tracked for the run
Artifact Saved files and directories for the run
Code The code version used on this run
Variables The variables tracked by the run and set in the run environment
Log The log (console output) of the run
Menu with additional options for the run

On the tab OVERVIEW you can find the following meta-information about the run:

Name Description
Status Status of the run
SUUID SUUID of the run
Job Name of the job used for this run
Start date Date the run started
Duration Duration of the run
Code Version of the code used for this run
By Member who triggered the run
Trigger How the run was triggered
Environment Environment/image used for the run

For input we only support the JSON payload (for now). In both the payload and the result we assume that this is a JSON file. In the section you can see the content of the file. Also there is an option to download the file or copy the content of the file.

In the log section you can find the console output of the run environment. By default we load the first 100 lines, and when you have a larger log it will automatically load more lines when you scroll trough the log. Also you can download or copy the content of the log.