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An AskAnna workspace is the place where you can collaborate on your data science projects. A workspace can be used by an organization, a team or even an individual person. Within a workspace you can find your projects. Also you can manage the people active in the workspace or other workspace admin related tasks.


In a workspace you can find all projects that are part of that workspace. Projects are listed as cards showing the project name and a description of the project. When you click on a card, the project page opens. If you click on the three dots on a project card, you will find additional options for the project, including removing the project.

Besides viewing all workspace projects, you can do more. In the gray bar you can:

  • see the name of the workspace
  • create a project
  • get more workspace options via the three dots on the right

On top of the screen you can find the AskAnna menu bar. When you click on the AskAnna logo, you will go back to the workspace "home" page.

The workspace option in the menu will show a list of all workspaces you have access too. Click on a workspace to open it.

On the right side you see two options. The first is a status option. In the current version you can find here the status of uploading files to AskAnna. The second option is another menu, used for example to log out.

Workspace members

In the gray workspace bar, you can find an option to open People. On the people page, you can see members active in the workspace. With workspace members you can collaborate on your projects.

People page


Within AskAnna we have two workspace roles: workspace admin & workspace member.

A workspace member can:

  • Create new projects
  • Manage all projects they have access to, including removing a project
  • Invite new workspace members
  • Remove invitations for new workspace members

Additional to the rights of a workspace member, a workspace admin can:

  • grant other people admin rights
  • remove people from the workspace

When you create a new workspace, you are automatically the workspace admin. As a workspace admin you can grant or revoke other people admin rights, but you cannot revoke your own admin rights. Also you cannot remove your own account from the workspace.

Invite people

When you click on invite more people, you will get a form where you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite.

Invite people

When you are done entering email addresses, you can send the invites. They will receive an email with instructions on how to join and a unique link to join your workspace. They can use an existing account, or create a new account to join your workspace.

If you entered the email addresses of existing members, you cannot invite them a second time. You will see an error message. You can click on the error button to remove them. Also, if you entered an invalid email address, you could use the related button to remove them.

Filter & sort

It's possible to sort the list or the filter on account type or status.

Filter and sort People