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Permissons and roles

Depending on the role a user has in a workspace, they will get different features. A user can have a membership in multiple workspaces. Every membership comes with a role and the features assigned to this role. Per workspace the user can get assigned a different role.

In the following tables we described per membership which action the user can perform.

AskAnna membership

Every user has an AskAnna membership. Only people specifally assigned can have the admin role. By default every user account gets the role member for the AskAnna membership. If you are not signed in, you will get the guest role assigned.

The following table list the permissions per AskAnna membership role:

Action Guest Member Admin (1)
Edit AskAnna profile (2)
Delete user account (2)
Create workspaces


  1. AskAnna admins don't have the power to access every workspace and project. In the platform we also have users with the permission superuser. These superusers can in theory access everything. Of course these users know that they should not do this.
  2. You can only edit and delete your own account

Workspace membership

The following table list the permissions per workspace membership role:

Action Guest Viewer Member Admin
View workspace info (1)
Edit workspace info
Remove workspace
Workspace project list
Create project
View workspace people
Invite people to the workspace
Resend invitiation
Change workspace member role
Remove member from a workspace
View member profile
Edit member profile (2)
Remove "my" workspace membership


  1. A guest can only view workspace info if the workspace is set to allow public sharing
  2. You can only edit your own account

Project membership

The project membership is directly linked to the workspace membership. If you are an admin in the workspace, you are also have the role admin in the project. Same goes for member. In the future it will be possible to assign a higher role to the project membership, so that a workspace member can be a project admin.

The following table list the permissions per project membership role:

Action Guest (1) Viewer Member Admin
View project info
Edit project info
Remove project
Code: view
Code: push or upload a new version
Job: view job info
Job: create new job
Job: edit job info
Job: remove a job
Variable: view variables
Variable: create a new variable
Variable: edit variables
Variable: remove a variable
Run: view runs and related data
Run: start a new run
Run: edit run info
Run: remove a run


  1. A guest can only access projects that have visibility set to public